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Dear Reader.
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am Russell Lang and I have a testimony that I would love to share with anyone who cares to listen.

I was a Gospel musician 25 odd years ago until I got married and since then I had wandered away from the service of our Lord. This particular story started in mid 2006 when I developed bladder cancer. The testimony is of how God didn't just heal me He made me whole and is bringing me back into His service. This short download version (Audio) gives a brief overview of my testimony of God's grace and love through an experience I thankfully no longer have to repeat.

I shortened the songs for the sake of brevity but tried to make it a complete message in the hope that it will still be a blessing to those who care to hear it through and perhaps give hope for those who are terminally ill.

If you would like to have me present this live at any event, weekend camp, meeting etc. Please give me a call on the number below. It will be only a blessing to me to be able to share this with others. As you will hear I have committed to the Lord to serve him faithfully for the rest of my days. To the Glory of God and His Son Jesus Christ I am in great shape today to fulfill this promise.

God Bless You.
Russell Lang:  
082 825 0428

Weight of the World - Sir Elton John *
Hunger for Holiness - Carman (backtrack from
One more Song - Katinas *
Love broke through - Keith Green *

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